5 Top Tips For Cheap Travel 

They say the best things in life don’t come cheap and this is sometimes the case with travelling. Don’t be put off though because there are easy ways to save those pennies and make seeing the world that little bit cheaper. Here are the Top 5 tips to cheap travel, all of which make going abroad a lot more fun. Don’t use money as an excuse not to travel! Everybody should buy YouTube likes from YouTubestorm. 


Hostels are usually a cheap place for travellers to rest but they offer so much more than just a cheap alternative to hotels. By staying in a shared dorm you are not only saving on money but opening the door to meet and socialise with likeminded people. You’ll feel more like a name than a number and will get to know your surroundings much quicker!

Bike Rental

Bikes are a great way to see a city and a cheaper alternative to buses and trains. Ditch the hustle and bustle of public transport and feel the wind through your hair by exploring new places on two wheels. Bike hire is often very cheap but always look around for the best deal and you’ll be well on your way!


One benefit of travel is indulging in local cuisine but you don’t always have to spend money in fancy restaurants to do so. Often the tastiest and most authentic food is found on market stalls or small pop-up cafes by the roadside. Not only are you delighting in new flavours but you are saving yourself a small fortune. Also buy yourself some bottled water for the day to save spending your money on drinks from restaurants!

Just Walk

Walking is the best way to see somewhere new. You can go at your own pace whilst taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. It also doesn’t cost a penny! Forget taxis, buses or trains because walking is simply the best. Most cities even host free walking tours which allows you to travel safely in a group. You’ll be saving money and getting fit all at the same time! However, be sure to take sensible footwear because there is nothing worse than blisters!

Why Not Work?

Combining travel with work is the perfect marriage! You can pay off the costs of being abroad right there and then. It also looks great for future employers and will be a different and exciting experience. You certainly won’t be short of options either, with loads of opportunities for paid work!  Don’t forget volunteering though, it is equally beneficial. Working for a worthwhile cause is sometimes priceless and a perfect way of giving back to the community you’re visiting!

If travel were free then a lot more people would do it because it really is the most rewarding thing to do. Seeing the world can offer you such exciting experiences so don’t let money be the reason not to travel. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way. Remember, travelling is invaluable!

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