A Beginner’s Guide  From KuCoin About Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies


Cryptocurrency trading is life with hazards and dangers, much like trading in stocks and commodities. Market generators must create tactics that can keep trading exciting and secure while also time if they want to run the long-term rewards of cryptocurrency trading. Let’s start by going over some methods with the help of KuCoin that can provide you with favourable results.

Range trading

Market people also believe in seasoned experts who daily provide resistance and support levels. Resistance is much higher than the continuous price since “resistance” alludes to the height at which the price may rise. As a level beyond which a crypto market price is not seen to fall, a “Support” level is every time lower than the present price.

Day Trading

This trading method entails opening positions and closing them within the same day. A trader who uses such a strategy hopes to profit from intraday price fluctuations in his chosen cryptocurrency. Investors frequently use technical indicators to determine points of entry and exit for specific cryptocurrencies to execute trades successfully.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

HFT is a particular type of algorithmic trading technique employed by quant traders. Trading bots and algorithms must be developed to enter and leave a crypto asset efficiently. Such bots require the creation of complicated market clearance as well as a solid foundation in CS and mathematics. As a result, experienced traders rather than newbies would benefit from it.


An increase in the trading volume is useful in this trading approach to get profits. Even though there is always a danger, a wise trader observes the reserve requirements and other key regulations to prohibit negative trading results. Scalpers inspect the historical trends, cryptocurrency assets, and volume before confirming an entrance and exit position within a single day.

To Build A Balanced Portfolio

The ecosystem of cryptocurrency trading is still under development. While many countries encourage cryptocurrency trade, some still have doubts. Since the worldwide central banks are trying to control digital currencies and market better, trading in cryptocurrencies is expectedly dangerous. Furthermore, some techniques can assist investors in avoiding high transitory.

The transitory might be greatly reduced by creating a well-diversified portfolio that comprises many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, dc usdt, Ethereum, and ethw usdt. Additionally, investors can keep a specific amount of daily investments in many cryptocurrencies. In such a way, you’ll moderately build your desire for risk, which will benefit your portfolio’s long-term results.

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

It is important to understand that market timing is relatively low to find the ideal exit and entry values in a crypto market. DCA is a sensible method to invest in cryptocurrencies. Now the question is what exactly the Dollar-Cost Averaging is? So, DCA is basically the term for recurring. It is probably used in fixed investments. The method has great significance as it allows the users to have a view of the market timing and stats and thus helps in getting richer.

The DCA style, meanwhile, might make the exit plan challenging. It necessitates a knowledge of industry trends and a comprehension of market cycles. Researching technical charts also helps determine when to leave. Before trading in cryptocurrencies, the participants should always research the oversold and overbought values.

Research work

Primary research is among the most crucial trading tactics. Well, we have a mindset that if you want to get the best asset you need to be an expert in that niche however this cas doesn’t app;y here. Now you can know the item’s worth without having any prior experience. KuCoin makes it easy to achieve that by compiling all the news stories you must read before your day begins.

Additionally, it is mostly recommended to new investors to first have the estimate of your all personal assets and make a brainstorm investment plan. These are some strategies that will help you in betting and winning good profits in cryptocurrency. KuCoin offers research on cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, APT, DC, and others.


Trading cryptocurrencies is not a quick-rich scam. Thus, the fact is that, if you want to succeed in trading then you have great patience, discipline and expertise with great strategies as we have seen experienced people losing just because of some trading errors. They are gaining discipline in trading and abilities like risk management. Also, you should keep practicing and never lose hope until you get the expertise in it.Learn from your errors.

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