Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Other Ways to Say apple irvine

This photo was taken at the Apple-Ivy in Irvine, Ca. The city just celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first apple making in the state. The photo shows the apple trees along the front of the building. It also shows the area behind the trees and the street that they are on. The photo was taken with a Nikon D3s.

Apple-Ivy is one of those old buildings with a very different look from the main Apple campus. The main campus is more modern, but the area behind the trees has very old architecture. It is the area of the building that is the focus of the photo. The original apple trees that apple growers used to plant on the main campus are gone. This was the location where the apple was first grown in this state.

Apple-Ivy is a large historic building that no longer houses apple growers. It is the original apple-growing area that was in the middle of the original campus. It was one of the first apple farms in the state, and it was a bustling town with apple pickers, apple sellers and a few other apple-related businesses.

What happened to the original apple trees is one of the main plot points in the game, and it’s a very intense one. The apple growers on the main campus are all gone, and the campus itself has been leveled down to nothing but a pile of rubble. The apple growers are basically the only people left on the campus, and they are all slowly decaying before their time.

The apple growers have all been killed in the explosion that leveled down the campus, but the problem is there is only one way out of this. There are no other gates that lead to the apple farms, no other doors (or portals) that lead out of the town. So, Apple Island is the final resting place for all of the apple growers. It’s a place where apple trees have been destroyed and no one could possibly survive.

Apple Island is, in fact, the only place on earth that has been devastated by an explosion. This is evidenced by the fact that there are no other gates or portals that lead to the apple farms, no other doors or portals that lead out of the town. That’s where the only way to get out is through the only gate that exists on the apple farm grounds.

As you probably know by now, apple growth is extremely slow. With no growing trees to harvest and no growing apples to sell, apple growers are literally forced to grow the smallest amount of one particular apple to survive. Apple grower’s are known to have strange rituals and customs, such as having to sacrifice a family member in order to prevent the growth of a new tree.

This is one of the weirdest things Ive ever seen and one of the reasons I love apple farming so much. I find it so bizarre that apple farmers do this, but the fact that they have to sacrifice a family member to prevent growth of the apple they want to grow is just so… weird.

It might sound weird, but the apple is one of the most common crops on our farms. So I thought it was only weird that apple farmers have to sacrifice a family member in order to prevent the growth of a certain apple. I mean, really. Even a little bit of sacrifice is a pretty big sacrifice.

Even though the apple is a common crop, apple farming has always been a controversial topic. In fact, there’s a story that dates back to the 1600s about a woman in a nearby town who was an apple farmer, and the villagers sent her to an asylum for the criminally insane. Apparently, the apple farmer’s wife was a witch and wanted to grow apples, so she took an apple and threw it in the fire.

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