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The second half of my trip to California was spent at the Otis Museum of Art, and I found myself on an early morning bus ride (from Oakland to San Jose) to get there. The museum is a beautiful, modern piece of art, and the museum itself is amazing. It’s a treasure house of great art that deserves to be seen. Unfortunately, Otis is a long drive away, and I was running a bit late.

I left without buying any tickets, and instead of going to the museum, I headed to the Otis Café. Found the perfect spot at the counter for my latte, and then ordered my usual: bacon, eggs, and toast. Before you ask, I did not leave the cafe until the early afternoon, so I didn’t get to see the museum at all.

This is a shame, because I would have loved to go and see the museum. It’s just too bad that I couldnt. I did see the other museums in the area, so I guess we can blame the museum for not being open that day.

The Otis Café is a restaurant/bar/convenience store in the middle of the Otis District. The Otis is an old-fashioned neighborhood that’s quite hip with its old-fashioned charm and eclectic design. I love the fact that the Otis Café is in a building that’s part of the Otis District, so it’s easy to find.

I spent a lot of time at the Otis Café last night because I’ve been meaning to have a little break from my daily life. But I’ve been stuck in a horrible rut. It’s been like a perpetual cycle of me doing nothing… I mean, I did go to the museum, so that didn’t help. I did go to the Otis Cafe last night because I couldn’t live without it.

Otis Cafe is one of the few places in the city that still does food. But while many restaurants are in the hands of fast food chains, the Otis Cafe is owned and run by the Otis family, a family of chefs and owners of the restaurant. The Otises are the same family who recently took over The P.C. in the Central District. They also own and operate a popular diner in the East Village called, the Central.

The Otis Cafe is known for it’s retro vibe, retro dishes, and the fact that the owners have such a great eye for new and cool things. They’ve even made a list of the most popular items in the restaurant. When I was there, I noticed the place was packed with people watching because the food was pretty damn good.

While the Otis Cafe certainly has a retro vibe, the name of the restaurant is all about the restaurant. It’s a homage to the late, great Otis Anderson. His family owned the restaurant and are now opening a new location in New York City. I want to know how the Otis Cafe is going to be a part of Otis’s new restaurant.

And if you are in the area, you can catch it Saturday at 7:30pm on TV Land.

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