How To Like A Story On Instagram

Even while Stories has grown immensely popular very quickly, many individuals are still confused by the user interface. Particularly when new features like Stories are introduced, Instagram is not always the easiest app in the world to learn how to use. If you are a twitch lover then you can grow your popularity with Streamoz.

Instagram is not always the easiest or most straightforward program to use, especially when a certain feature could act differently from another feature. We’ll demonstrate how to like an Instagram Story in this article.

Methods For Liking Instagram Stories

Isn’t it fair that you often don’t know how to use new things when they first appear? because we occasionally are unable to understand.

Don’t worry though; we’ve put up some guidelines to make the most of this new function on Instagram.

  1. Start Instagram and navigate to the profile of the person you wish to like.
  2. Once the Story likes feature is activated for your account, you’ll see a tiny heart icon alongside the paper airplane symbol along the bottom menu bar when watching someone else’s Instagram story.
  3. To like the Instagram Story, click the heart, which should turn red.

How Can I See Who Has “Liked” My Instagram Stories?

As we said before, only you can see who liked your Instagram stories. As a result, it will show up in the viewer sheet if you choose to see it. The steps to take are listed below.

  1. Get the most latest Instagram app version and install it.
  2. Select the icon for your tale in the upper left corner.
  3. In the corner, you’ll see a profile icon for another person. This shows that someone has read your story.
  4. To find out how many people have seen your tale, tap the icon in step 4. The absence of the icon in the lower-left corner indicates that no one has read your tale.
  5. To confirm, swipe up from the bottom. A list of spectators’ names will be visible.
  6. A heart will show besides a viewer’s name for you if they “loved” your story.

Wow! You are now aware of how to view the Instagram story likes.

If I like someone’s Instagram story, can they see it?

It’s true that Instagram users may see if you like their Instagram story. Because story likes are private and can’t be viewed by other users, only the user who uploaded the Instagram story could view the likes they had received.

The Best Reason for This New Story-Like Feature

It’s ideal for people who every now and then poll their friends to decide which photo to publish or for those who simply want to upload pictures to their stories rather than their feeds.

What Is The One Issue That Some Accounts Have?

Many users have complained about this feature, alleging that they are still unable to use it. It’s probable that it isn’t accessible in your region or account.

We are all aware that when additional innovations are implemented, certain problems can occur; nevertheless, these problems typically get fixed over time.

Update your Instagram version to the most recent version of this feature that hasn’t been available for weeks or months.

Secondly, log out of Instagram and then sign back in. In case nothing else works, you can contact Instagram’s help desk for advice.

Instagram has been rather active lately with the addition of new features that make the app more engaging and pleasurable to use. If your account doesn’t have access to this functionality, try the methods we suggested. Have you also told your friends about this fantastic feature? If not, tell them immediately to be the “star of the show.”

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