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The iPhone SE is a great new smartphone, it’s a step above the iPhone 5S and 5C. But, is the SE really worth the price? We’ll be answering that question for you in this post.

Well, for starters, the SE is an amazing smartphone. It’s a great value for the iPhone 5/5C, it’s well worth the $199 asking price. But, it’s also a great deal for the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is a phone that’s got an edge. It’s built to last, and it’s got the same powerful processor, the same solid glass back, and the same gorgeous screen quality as the iPhone.

If you want to get the iPhone SE, the first step seems to be to buy it. If you’re already on the fence, now is a good time to get in. But if you don’t, you can pay the 199 and get a phone with the same great features that are included in the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE has a 128gb internal storage, and a very fast processor, which has made it one of the best phones out there. It does have a smaller screen, however, than the SE, making it more difficult to navigate, but its not really an issue. The phone has a 3-button home screen, which you can slide open to get to the various apps that you want to use.

The iPhone SE has a new camera compared to the original iPhone, which has been one of our favorite cameras for years. It has the same three-point autofocus system, and the same 24.3MP camera as the SE. It also has a slightly faster processor. Not a huge difference, but it may be worth your money.

I’ve never understood why this screen-capture feature is included in SEs so many phones. It’s a bit of an oddity.

I find it strange that a phone without this feature already has everything you need to take awesome pictures. The camera in the SE is faster than most iPhone cameras, and it’s also a lot more capable. The iPhone SE is not only the same camera as the iPhone 4S, it’s also a great camera. The iPhone SE has a lot of features we like and a couple we don’t like, and it’s easily the best camera we’ve ever tested.

the screen capture feature is included in the SE but only on the US version and not the UK or Canadian versions. The SE can also be used as a camera phone without a screen capture feature. For example, you can just plug in any cell phone and attach a camera to it and you can take great pictures using the phone’s built-in camera.

The SE has built in image stabilization. This is huge. So it is more than just a camera. This technology helps make the iPhone the best camera phone ever made. Also, the iPhone SE has a front facing camera. This is a camera feature that is actually useful. For example, if you are taking a picture of a moving car, the iPhone SE is the only camera phone that can capture video of the moving car.

This video shows how to use the iPhone’s front camera. It’s really easy. You just need to hold the camera right up to your face, and then hold your finger up to the side of your face. This is done to check for face detection. If you don’t have this feature switched on, you can’t take a photo at all. You’d have to hold down the camera button and the screen to take a picture.

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