15 Secretly Funny People Working in purple airpod case

This purple airpod case was the first of my collection to be a part of an awesome Kickstarter project. I was always a fan of the purple airpod case. I loved the fact that it was so cool to see a piece of jewelry that was colored in the shade of purple and be able to wear it.

But aside from it being a cool piece of jewelry, the purple airpod case is also kind of a great way to use it. It’s basically a case for your airpod. You stick it in your pocket and your little buddy will take it on tour of various spaces in your house or car. It’s an awesome little gadget that’s perfect for carrying your little airpod around.

While the purple airpod case is a pretty cool way to use it, it’s not the only cool way to use it. You can basically use it for any small gadget you can get a case for. I know its kind of cheesy to use it for your airpod, but I think its a cool way to use it.

If you’re like me you probably have a bunch of different airpods to use, so my buddy Colt is just perfect to carry your purple airpod about so you can show your friends just how cool your airpod is.

Purple is the color that really represents the airpods in this game. While the purple airpod case is cool, it’s not necessarily the only cool way to use it.

When we heard about purple airpod case, we were intrigued. The purple is a color that seems to be a great way to show off your airpod. It’s also a color that you probably have in your room, so if you want to go look for a purple one, you can.

It’s a great way to show your friends that your airpod is cool, but it’s not necessary to use it that way. A purple airpod case is great to have on hand in your room. The only problem is that you can’t see it from the front because it’s in the back of your closet. It should be there, but it’s there in back of your closet and you can’t see it. It’s like putting your favorite shoes in your closet.

While looking for a purple airpod case, I found these. They are perfect. I love the color.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of these, but they look great.

Purple is a great color for any room, but it’s also a great color for closet doors. The only problem is that purple isn’t as bright as other colors, but its perfect for a closet door. The only reason it’s not a great closet door color is because purple is more vibrant than red.

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