How To Claim A FB Business Page?

Any brand must learn how to claim a Facebook business page. The page offers customers the chance to check Facebook feedback, discover more about goods or services, and generally have a more satisfying shopping experience. Claiming and managing your Facebook page effectively can be a key component of your client acquisition strategy, local listing planning processes, and initiatives to enhance your capacity to monitor social evaluations. Youtube is the best social media platform to improve your business. So you can use Youtubestorm to grow your business.

There are two ways to specifically claim your Facebook company page.

  • Use a private Facebook account
  • Making use of Facebook Business Manager

How to Set Up a Personal Facebook Account to Claim a Facebook Business Page?

With a personal Facebook account, building your own Facebook Page is simple. You can lay the fundamental groundwork for your brand’s social media presence with only a few clicks.

  • Register on Facebook.
  • In the top-right area of the screen, click the Create button. To begin the procedure, select Page from the pop-up menu. To use a more direct method, you can alternatively go to
  • Insert the Page’s name, category, and summary in the Create a Page area.
  • To complete the first configuration, click the “Create Page” option at the bottom of the screen.

It is now possible to see your brand-new Page, but it is now empty. There are numerous opportunities to improve it, though. We advise you to start by selecting “Page Settings” from the menu on the left side of the screen. After that, select “Page Info” from the menu to enter the necessary details that will help customers locate your company. This comprises:

  • Phone number
  • Mail contact
  • Website
  • Physical location
  • operating times

Of course, you may add all of these details immediately, but it ought to be one of the first things you do when making a new Page. Having accurate and up-to-date information is the first step in justifying your brand’s presence online and building confidence among your clients.

After your page has been built, you may still add photographs to it. To discover more about the procedure, read up on how to publish images to your Facebook business page.

Utilize Facebook Business Manager to establish or claim a page

By choosing the gear symbol in the top-right corner of the Facebook Business Manager (FBM) home page, which leads you to your settings, you can quickly handle the numerous Pages you are in charge of. To view your Pages, select the “Accounts” button and the “Pages” section that is nestled within it.

You can either claim an existing Page using FBM or start a brand-new one from the beginning.

Using Facebook Business Manager, find out how to claim a Facebook Business Page

First, you must decide whether you would like to add an existing page to your FBM account or ask for permission to a Page that belongs to someone else before you can begin the straightforward process of claiming a Page through FBM.

The first option is more clear for most brands to choose, whilst the second option is more appropriate for those working in agency roles managing Pages for many customers. In either case, the procedure for claiming a Page is the same.

By selecting the gear symbol from the left-hand menu on the FBM home page, you may access the FBM “Settings”.

Once you have claimed the necessary Pages, you can either administer them yourself in FBM or assign others to do so. If necessary, you can also use FBM for other tasks like knowing how to remove a Facebook business Page. However, if the Page is linked to other FBM assets, it won’t be deleted from the platform.

The Final Step

Claiming a Facebook business page is a crucial first step in creating a company’s online presence on the social media platform. A company may increase its exposure and draw clients by utilizing all of the capabilities that a Page has to offer, whether it be through promotional offers, video material, or even Facebook reviews. To find out how our staff can assist with the Facebook page for your company, request a demo right away.

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