How To Premiere A Video On Facebook?

Using Facebook, you can upload a video and start live streaming without having to worry about real-time content. The advantages of recording a pre-recorded video are paired with the increased visibility that follows with the premiere live on Facebook.

Like Facebook, Instagram is the best social media platform to increase visibility. In that case, You can take help from Mixx to enhance your popularity. This post will teach you all there is to know about Facebook Premiere and walk you through the process of launching a video on Facebook.

Facebook Premiere: What Is It?

A pre-recorded video can be posted by company pages on Facebook Premiere as “live” material.

Using Facebook Premiere gives you access to the benefits of streaming live, as opposed to simply publishing a video as a regular feed post. Some of these benefits include being strongly highlighted in the news feeds of those who like your page and receiving real-time comments from your viewers.

What Benefits Come With Using Facebook Premiere?

Your page immediately posts a notice when you plan a Facebook Premiere, allowing your viewers to like, share, and discuss before the material is released. It will be possible for users to join the Premiere and receive alerts before the upcoming video “goes live.”

The content is automatically transformed into a video post on your Page after your Premiere concludes. The video post includes every single like, share, and remark that was made throughout the show. Newcomers can view all of the interactions from the live viewers and add their own likes, shares, or comments when they first come across the video.

How to Plan A Facebook Premiere?

With a few additional steps, setting up a Facebook Premiere is exactly like submitting a regular video. To arrange a Premiere from your Facebook Page, follow these steps.

1. Go To Creator Studio First

  • Click Upload video after selecting Create New.
  • Next, decide on the video you want to debut.

2. Add a topic and a summary

To let visitors know what your video is about, add a title and summary after posting it. You can choose a clip from the film or supply your own photo to use as the thumbnail.

A video thumbnail’s ideal aspect ratio is 1.91:1. A minimum of 400 x 150 pixels is needed. You have the choice to add pertinent tags to the video before moving on to the next step, which improves findability.

3. Opt for Premiere

You can choose from a number of publication options on the next screen. If you don’t select Premiere, the video will appear as a standard post. Decide when your video should debut, and then upload a different image to act as a placeholder until the video is online.

Additionally, you can make use of the following extra settings on this screen:

  • indicating the Facebook location where your post will show.
  • enabling the sharing of your Premiere by other Pages.
  • uploading a playlist to the Premiere.
  • monitoring codes are added.
  • Including a button to support a charity or fundraiser.

4. Make An Event

By selecting the Create event option in the lower right corner, you can complete your Premiere. The else is up to you after that. Share the post widely to generate interest, or just relax and let Facebook manage it with auto alerts.


Utilize Facebook’s live streaming features without really going live by using Facebook Premiere to get more use out of your video material. All Facebook Pages can utilize it, and it is free to do so. You can also run revenue-generating ads throughout the broadcast if your Page is eligible for monetization. Premieres’ one potential drawback is that they must be arranged at least ten minutes in advance.

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